1st Lunar month – 6th Lunar month

24-25th, 2nd Lunar Month

The Ban Phu Citadel Festival is held in worship of Hoang Cong Chat, leader of the peasants’ movement who led a war of resistance to protect Muong Then – Dien Bien from the occupation of the Phe enemy in the 18th century.  The festival features a palanquin procession, incense offering, folk games such as Pick up the Fairy Peaches, co phat board game, pole pushing and a crossbow contest.  Other activities such as rituals, locally made food and drinks, singing and dancing also take place.

2nd Lunar Month *

The Ban Flower Festival of the Thai is dedicated to praying for good crops and happiness. In the 2nd Lunar Month of every year, when it is warmer and the ban flowers start to blossom the Thai people celebrate the Ban Flowers Festival. During the festival girls and boys have the opportunity to meet and talk with the boys placing a ban flower in the hair of his lover. The girl, being shy, will hide herself under the branches of the ban tree.  The festival is also an occasion for Thai people to pray for good crops and express their respect to their parents and granparents.

1st, 5th Lunar Month

This is a popular festival of many ethnic groups of North of Vietnam such as the Mang, Khang, Xinh Mun, La Hu, Kho Mu and Phu La.  The festival is held at the beginning of the rainy season when bamboo shoots sprout. According to the local people, this is the best time to start the farming for the year with the hope of bumper crops.  The people also use the time to express their greatfullness to God.

7th Lunar month – 12th Lunar month

1st, 7th Lunar Month

The Dien Bien Victory Celebration is the most important festival of the province with the festival having national and international significance.  On this day thousands of visitors descend upon Dien Bien to view where the famous battle for indipendance was fought and to think and learn about the nation’s history.

1st, 10th Lunar Month

The La Hu people perform this ritual for new rice in the 10th or 11th Lunar Month every year.  During the period of the festival the La Hu people are banned from harvesting vegetables or cutting down trees and plants in order to pray for them to grow well all year round. During the festival folk dances accompanied by drums also takes place.

1st, 11th Lunar Month

Han Khuong is a traditional cultural activity of the Thai people with the festival and is held immediately after the havesting of the crops in the 11th Lunar Month of the year.  The festival is usually held on a large plot of land in the village with young boys and girls sitting on a wooden floorsurrounded bamboo lattice and singing and talking to each other until midnight. The Han Khuong Festival is a way for the boys and girls to court before they get married.

* Date varies from year to year.  Ask your hotel or tour operator for the exact date.

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